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Handpresso Handcoffe stor kopp

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What is Handcoffee Auto?

Handcoffee Auto is a coffee machine for the car making long coffees on board: a creamy and nicely hot Senseo®- type coffee.

Whether long or short, with Handcoffee Auto, you drink the coffee you like.

In your car or driving your camper, you can stop on the road or on a mortorway rest area to enjoy a coffee as creamy as with your home coffee maker.

It plugs into the 12 volt plug of your car and sits in the cup-holder.

The special features of your 12v coffee maker for the car

  • Coffee: short (80ml) or long (110ml)
  • coffee format:  Senseo®* ompatible pods
  • Pressure : 2 bar
  • Power supply: (12v) cigarette-lighter plug
  • Preparation time : 4 minutes for 80ml

What is new about your 12v coffee maker?

You can choose a variety of different Senseo®* compatible soft pods and drink either a long coffee, a cappuccino or a macchiato. All this without leaving your car!

* A third-party trademark with no connection with Handpresso SAS.

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The Handcoffee Auto is a 12v coffee maker for the car preparing long coffees on board.